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Ocean Art Become The Internship Base of SUSE
Release time:2017/2/23 14:35:00

Zigong City Ocean Art Co., Ltd. has Became 

The Internship Base of 

The University of Sichuan Science&Engineering

On February 23rd, 2017, Mr.He Fan, professor of Institute of Economics of Sichuan University of Science&Engineering(SUSE), led a delegation including Professor Li Qiyu, Associate Professor Xiang Ruilun and Ms.Wang Pengyan, visited Ocean Art for an internship base project. President of Ocean Art Mr.Guo Gang and representatives from President’s Office welcomed the delegation and held a signing ceremony.
During the tight schedule, President Mr.Guo Gang introduced the general information, development goals and corporate culture of Ocean Art to the delegation and accompanied them to visit the factory of Ocean Art. Both parties expressed the strong willing of in-depth cooperation in information platform construction, communion of teachers and case studies.
This January,SUSE already arranged 2 senior students, majoring in International Trade, to start their internship in Ocean Art. After one month, they had a general idea of learn the theory with practices well as a better understanding of the corporate culture of Ocean Art.
On the signing ceremony, President Guo Gang and representative from SUSE signed the Agreement on Co-building Research and Internship Base and unveiled the plaque together. Besides, the two parties also exchanged thoughts and reached agreement on co-construction of teaching base and all-around cooperation.
President Guo Gang pointed out that the base is not only a platform of school-enterprise cooperation, but also an important channel for students to contact the society as well. Ocean Art hopes to enhance communication with SUSE through long-term cooperation, so as to achieve a school-enterprise win-win situation.

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23rd February, 2017

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