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Animatronic dinosaur is one of our products, loved by both kids and adults,our animatronic dinosaurs generate great excitement where they go.will take you back to 650 million years ago!
Dinosaur Costume 2015-04-10
Dinosaur costume is best option for amusement park, which has realistic appearance, flexible movements, vivid roaring sound! It is a simple way to get exciting& amazing experience.
Animatronic Animals 2015-04-10
We used fake fur for the production of animatronic animals, which can make the animals look vivid and environmental.
Dinosaur Ride 2015-04-10
Do you want to be a brave jurassic rider? Coming to get a our dinosaur and animal ride, you can customize different dinosaur or animal ride for kids playing.
Animatronic Insect 2015-04-10
Customize animatronic or fiberglass insect. Mantis, Ladybug, Spider, Ant and Beetle are our hot-sales. Both enlarge size and original size are feasible choices.
Dinosaur Skeleton 2015-04-10
We according to scientific data and relic of scientific investigation, restore life-size dinosaur skeleton replica. All fossil replica are made by fiberglass and can be used for museum exhibits.
Some famous cartoon or movie figures can be customized, they can be great attrations for people, especially children.
The fiberglass animals can be used to decorate the outdoor playground like amusement parks, shopping malls, and streets. The biggest advantage of fiberglass animals is the long service life of them, click for more details!
Exclusive Products 2015-04-10
Dinosaur resin models are our exclusive products, they can decorate your office, house and bars, also they can be great collections, souveniors and gifts!
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